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We transform every dream into digital reality
A highly effective, buyer-focused website allows you to showcase your brand online. We evaluate your website traffic and data driven approach to determine which platforms and channels should be used to reach an ideal buyers. We never stop testing and reworking the strategy in order to boost your ROI and improve its overall efficacy. Boost your ad revenues today because we have insane volumes of global coverage TRAFFIC with extreme user targeting using multiple ad formats at a controlled cost.

We innovate, experiment, and accelerate. We give intelligence to the system that gives intelligence to your campaigns.


Codehex ads works intensively on data mining and machine learning to optimize the number of lead and convertions.


We work with variety of ad networks, pubslishers to increase the data bank, thereby increasing the accuracy and efficieny of the campaign.


We appeal to larger audiences on a cross-screen platform specially tailored for multiple types of video ads, setting up deep targeting criteria and serving your video ads only to the relevant users.


We match the visual design of the experience they live within, function consistently with the native user experience.


Fraud Protection
Codehex has its own algorithm to prevent fraud protection.30% of Ads traffic today is generated by BOTS
Data Bank
We maintain all the results of all a campaign that we run, to increase the accuracy on the next campaign on the same vertical.
Adaptive Campaigns
We have an adaptive algorithm that dynamically adjustsas the campaign progresses. Human are slow, so we build algorithms
Own Creative Team
Codehex Ads provides inhouse creative team who can create the exact creative you are looking for. More than you, we create it for your users.
Machine Learning
AI and machine learning is
extensively developed and implemented
by our experts on different campaigns
on different aspects

Data driven, exceedingly organized, highly targeted and delivers measurable results in real time.

Codehex ads is managing premium websites around 70K+ partnered websites to ensure a 100% of the highest quality traffic with guaranteed results. “CXA” is a group working with global publishers and advertisers so as to provide traffic on all verticals and all ad formats. CXA develop and execute strategies that yields outstanding results in revenue growth, market share and customer loyalty advanced anti fraudulent system.

Innovation in Digital Media
Driven by Performance

Dedicated Account Manager

Account managers to support your day-to-day requirements and assist in managing inventory for stocking programs. As inventory levels change, we can adjust to every demand.

Strategy & Consulting

We develop the market insights, inventions, and plans of attack that move our clients forward. We separate fact from fiction to drive decision-making and unlock meaningful growth.

Social Platform Advertising

Our team professionals use innovative techniques that rapidly improve your organization's growth and will assists you in achieving more than your goal

Strategic Search Optimization

We work on a real-time, massively scaled focus group in which one can perform an accurate predictive analysis of what customers are looking for.


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